Eliza Hull

Name: Eliza Hull

Creative practice/s: Musician, Audio Producer, Writer

State: Victoria

Do you identify as disabled and/or Deaf and/or with disability?


Statement about practice

I sing because I have to, it’s my form of expression, when I am creating I feel at home. My artistic work has now become intersectional, my disability is something that is such a part of who I am; to not write or sing about it seemed a disservice to myself. I am now writing a new album that thematically follows my stories and experiences as a disabled singer and person.

What are you looking for?

More Funding, Paid Work, Training

What’s still with you from the workshops? What do you remember?

As a disabled woman, Alice Springs was the first time I felt completely included and accepted. For a long time I had hidden my disability, so the workshop was a turning point for me. I was barefoot and was finally proud of the scars on my feet. This was possible due to the energy in the room, and feeling like I had found my tribe.

What’s the legacy for you - creatively or with contacts?

I still keep in touch with most of the participants of the workshop; we have built connections and include each other as much as we can in our artistic endeavours. It’s great to have people I can bounce off.

What makes a good workshop for you?

A good workshop is when all voices are listened to and valued, where everybody feels accepted and respected and can creatively express them selves without a filter.

The arts industry and you - how do you feel about where you are professionally? Where would you like to be?

I am a proud disabled artist, and feel really positive about where I am. In everything I do both professionally and artistically, I aim to amplify the voices of disabled people.