Katy Beaton

Name: Katy Beaton

Creative practice/s: Writer, Comedian, Performer

State: Victoria

Do you identify as disabled and/or Deaf and/or with disability?


Other identity/ies?

Asexual Enby

Statement about practice:

I feel people with disabilities are under represented in media. People who are able-bodied have not lived the experience of disability and are therefore unable to give authenticity or legitimacy to telling the story of what they can only observe.Who better to tell my story than myself?


What are you looking for?

Directing/producing training, production team building, a more level playing field, world creative revolution. Paid work would be nice. (If I can only choose one – production team building)

What’s still with you from the workshops? What do you remember?

My memory of the workshops is unfortunately hazy due to medications. I have an overall sense of being in a supportive, interactive environment with my peers. I may be remembering incorrectly but the improv based on words was particularly challenging and rewarding.

What’s the legacy for you - creatively or with contacts?

I am still in touch with people I collaborated with at the workshop. From a performer’s POV I now think about potential ways to make my performance as accessible as possible e.g. with AUSLAN interpreters and audio describers.

What makes a good workshop for you?

A good workshop for me begins with an inclusive atmosphere. Light direction without demanding each individual or group project be performed a certain way, and no pressure to speak/perform if uncomfortable for any reason. So, basically the workshop you guys ran.

The arts industry and you - how do you feel about where you are professionally? Where would you like to be?

I am not where I would like to be professionally. Due to health I have had to take a year off. I hope by this time next year I could be performing at Fringe or even the MICF. I have found myself to be more comfortable in writing and am considering the feasibility of a podcast rather than live performance.