Melinda Smith


Name: Melinda Smith

Creative practice/s: Dancer, Visual Artist, Performer (Dance/Poet) Photographer and Video directing and editing, Writer

City: Melbourne

Do you identify as disabled and/or Deaf and/or with disability?

YES, Living with cerebral palsy

Why do you do what you do?

I love being creative, imaginative and expressing who I am. I have a passion to communicate with my audience/s, make it interesting, personal and engaging with fun and seriousness. I get excited by movement, inspired by my environment, the world around me - yet there are many physical challenges to push me in different directions and I do like that aspect of my creative practice.

0417 156567

What are you looking for?

All of these options fit with me, but I am particularly wanting more support by a team, who can see my ideas bubbling away.

What’s still with you from the workshops? What do you remember?

I attended day 1 of the workshop and loved it… I particularly enjoyed Jo D’s session – I loved the pace and I know Jo’s style of facilicating and it works for me. Janice’s movement facilitating always sticks in my head too.

What’s the legacy for you - creatively or with contacts?

Seeing how others teach and move is always good feedback.

What makes a good workshop for you?

Movement techniques, good fair pace, time to communicate with natural speech and communication device, small groups work best for me.

The arts industry and you - how do you feel about where you are professionally? Where would you like to be?

I am really making excellent progress in my solo artistic practice though I would like more people to SEE what I am doing, and have some support to apply for residencies, create performances and collaborate with artists, mentors and directors.