Rayna Lamb


Name: Rayna Lamb

Creative practice/s: Writer, spoken word, dancer

Suburb or city: Perth

Do you identify as disabled and/or Deaf and/or with disability?


Statement about practice

I write because I was silenced for much of my life, because I know I am
not the only one who feels the way I do, and if my words help other
people understand what they are experiencing and feel less alone, then I
have made the world a better place.

I dance because it gives me the most joy I have ever experienced,
because it is something I get better at every day, because my wheelchair
gives me freedom and safety and is not a prison, and dancing is a great
way to show that.


What are you looking for?

Creative revolution, better access to classes and spaces.

World creative revolution, definitely! More/better access to classes
and performance spaces. Better understanding in the disability and wider
communities that the arts aren't just for `therapy' for us, that
creation is an end in itself, and we have essential voices and
perspectives that the world benefits from hearing. That we don't always
need ablebodied people to facilitate access to the arts for us, that we
can support each other and build on our own knowledge and experience.