Yvonne Fein

Name: Yvonne Fein

Creative practice/s: Writer & Stand-up

Postcode: 3162

Suburb or city: Melbourne

Do you identify as disabled and/or Deaf and/or with disability?


Why do you do what you do?

I write (novels, stories, essays) because I have to. I can’t not write. Apart from my grandchildren, it is what brings me the most pleasure in life. I can meditate for ages on whether a semi-colon or a comma best fits a sentence. Moreover, my writing gives me the instruments I need to be heard. The words give me a voice. And within those words are contained the things I believe in, the things that make me angry, the things I believe need to change so generations beyond mine will have a beautiful space to live in. I do stand-up for similar reasons. It too gives me a voice. Initially I started out because I wanted to shout out in anger about my Bi-polar but eventually, doing that, opened me up to the experiences of others with disabilities whose take on life contrasts sharply with mine. Now, when I’m up on that stage, I hope I speak for all of us.


What are you looking for?

More chances to write and perform my work.

What’s still with you from the workshops? What do you remember?

I remember being profoundly inspired by workshop leaders. On the spot I created a rough draft of a piece of flash fiction called “Waiting’.” (You can find it on my website — )
Second time around, I was given the opportunity to read out something else I’d written as a result of a previous workshop. It felt scary and empowering at the same time.

What’s the legacy for you - creatively or with contacts?

Creatively I feel the workshop gave a boost to my productivity. It also challenged many of my preconceptions about disability. Contacts? A couple of very useful ones.

What makes a good workshop for you?

Good leaders, generous and brave participants, a safe space.

The arts industry and you - how do you feel about where you are professionally? Where would you like to be?

As a writer I feel I’m in a reasonably good space. My work has been published and performed and I’m working with enthusiasm on two new projects. As a stand-up, I’d like as much work as I can get though I’m always scared of writing and presenting new material